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 Read This Short Post Before You Go To The Application - It Is To Your Benefit

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PostSubject: Read This Short Post Before You Go To The Application - It Is To Your Benefit   Tue Jun 24, 2008 5:50 am

Forum Login/Auto Logout Bug

I came across this bug last night while I was killing myself pumping out all kinds of posts on the forums. I am not sure if this bug is universal or it is just my account but it would be wise for you to do the following in order to avoid an incredibly annoying situation. Every time I log in the forum logs me out automatically and randomly, even when I am active. It will log me out sometimes in as little as 1-2 minutes.

Here is what I do to combat this and you should do just to be on the safe side:

As you are filling out the application you should, after completing a few lines, do control + a to highlight all the text and then control + c to copy all the highlighted text. You may even want to copy it over into a notepad file until you are sure your submitted application has gone through. You should continue to copy your changes throughout the application at your chosen intervals so you don't lose anything you have done. If you fail to do this and hit send when you are done with the application and it didn't go through and you were auto signed out then you would have to start all over again. I thought I would just give everyone a heads up on that before people got pissed off like me. Now if you have done what I said to do above, if you hit send and it doesn't go through and logs you out, all you have to do is sign back in go back to post your application and do control + v to paste it all back in and then send. It should not log you out in the amount of time it would take you to do that. It works well for me.

I will also post something about this bug in the server news section of the forums so everyone should get a heads up when using our forums. I have not verified that the bug applies to everyone but in case it does I thought I would save you all the trouble.

hahaha....1 minute did it to me like I said and logged me out and I lost everything. Good thing I copied it all!

Good Luck with that. Cool
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Read This Short Post Before You Go To The Application - It Is To Your Benefit
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