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 Application Layout/Format To Apply for Law Enforcement Agency's

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PostSubject: Application Layout/Format To Apply for Law Enforcement Agency's   Tue Jun 24, 2008 1:49 am

Law Enforcement Application Layout for All Agency's

Do Not forget to title the application with your full in game name!!! That is all that is necessary.

Any current Law Enforcement Officers from LVPD or the FBI must repost new applications in this format. The only Law Enforcement Officers exempt from this are; Matt, me ( Chris_Sern ), and Mike aka Sean. All other Law Enforcement Officers are suspended until you have resubmitted an application. You must PM me in the forums if you are currently in the FBI or LVPD and want to keep your positions. Those who PM me: Upon your resubmitted application we will review your application and decide if you should stay. If we decide you are ok to stay in your position you will be automatically reinstated and thus skip the initiation process. If you PM me in the forums that you are a current Law Enforcement Officer and you are not I will know about it. I will be checking your user names against the server's player files and checking. So don't waist your time or mine.

This forum is locked so you may not reply to this topic. Instead copy and paste this application into the forum section labeled for the Law Enforcement Department you are applying for. Copy everthing you see below the long dotted line.

DO NOT Delete The Copyright Information From Your Application. Failure To Do So May Result In A Denied Application.


Copyright Information

*!This application is fully accredited as the original idea and design of Ma[N]ifest. This application has only been edited by me ( Chris_Sern ) in order to better serve this server and its needs. Ma[N]ifest reserves all rights to the following application and its content. Ma[N]ifest may be contacted through me by request.
End Copyright Information


[Keep the application neat, put in as much information/detail as you can, use proper English grammar in your application. We reserve the right to deny any applications without reason and to update this form at anytime. We will respond to your post with Accepted or Denied.]

If you are found to be lying about any of the following information you will be automatically denied. I will be checking each of your player files and cross referencing your answers to the info in your player file. Complete all fields.

Personal Details [This is for real life information]

You may apply for more then one Law Enforcement Agency in the same application. You will only be accepted into one Department so chose wisely. This way if one Department is full and another isn't, if accepted, you will be hired onto your next best choice. If you only have one choice then only mark that choice with an * and leave the others blank.
Put one * after the Law Enforcement Agency of your first choice, two * after the Law Enfocement Agency of your second choice, and etc.:

LVPD Officer:
FBI Officer:
Army Officer:


1.) First Name [ Real ]:
2.) Last Name [ Real ]:
* In Game Name [ First_Last ] Do not leave this out:
[We understand some people like their privacy so you may substitute your last name for your last initial.]
3.) Gender(real):
4.) In-game level:
5.) Age(real):
6.) Geographical location (real):
7.) Past Character Names + Levels:
[State all previous character names. If only had one account, leave blank - 'Delete this part in your application']
8.) Amount of registered Kicks/Bans [This can be found in game by doing /stats]:
9.) Have you played on the server for at least 8 hours?:
10.) How long have you been a citizen of this server?(ooc):

Most of the questions below require IC answers unless it has (OOC) at the end. Some questions require both OOC and IC answers.

11.) Are you currently in employment?:

12.) If yes, what is your current occupation?:

13.) Have you ever been convicted for a serious crime?:

14.) Have you ever served time in prison?:

15.) Can you communicate effectively in the English language?(ooc):

16.) Are you prepared to use Ventrilo?(ooc):
[Leave this question blank. Ventrilo is not currently setup for this server]

17.) Do you have a fully working microphone?(ooc):
[Leave this question blank. Ventrilo is not currently setup for this server]

18.) Please list all licenses currently in your possession [This can be found in game by doing /licenses]:

19.) Tell us about yourself and why you want to be in the Police Force (Both OOC and IC):



***I have had trouble with this on EVERY application! The last few questions are not in character. This means do not give IC answers. Answer these questions as real life! Thank you.

20.) Do you posses any Law Enforcement knowledge?(ooc):

21.) If yes, explain fully(ooc):

22.) Do you know your way around Las Venturas well?(ooc):

Additional information / Questions / Concerns


Thank you. Your Law Enforcement application is now completed. You may want to take a minute to look over the information you have given to make sure your app. is free of errors.

Good Luck! Very Happy
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Application Layout/Format To Apply for Law Enforcement Agency's
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